Privacy Policy

About GDPR

Tiles For Ever strictly complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws, and processes your data after your consent (if required) and in accordance with the GDPR. This page contains details about how we collect, store and process your personal as well as public data.


These Privacy Policies explains in detail the types of personal and public data Tiles For Ever may collect about you and you device when you communicate with us. It also explains how Tiles For Ever stores and handles these data, and keep it secured.

The legal bases we depend on

The laws on data protection sets out a number of different purposes, for which our company may collect and process your personal and public data, including:


For some specific purposes, we can collect and process your information with your consent. For example, when you opt to receive our email newsletters. When collecting your personal information, we’ll always make it clear to you that which data is compulsory in connection with a particular purpose.

Contractual obligations

In some situations, we strictly need some of your personal information to comply with our contractual obligations. For example, if you purchase an item from us and opt for home delivery service, we’ll collect your shipping and billing address details to deliver your order, and pass them to our courier service provider.

Legal compliance

If ever the law needs us to reveal some information about you and your purchases, we will collect and process your data accordingly. For example, we can share some details of people involved in fraud or other criminal activity for their identification or other purposes.

Legitimate interests

In some regular circumstances, we need your data to fulfil our legitimate professional interests. For example, we will utilise your buying history to offer you or make available personalised deals.

We also aggregate the purchase history of many buyers to know the trends and make sure we keep up with the demand, or develop new products and/or services.

When do we collect your personal data?

When you pay visit to our website(s), and use your account to order some products and/or services, via the phone, through a store or online.

When you order something online and check out as a guest only (we just collect transaction-based information).

When you sign up for an account on our website.

When you buy a product and/or a service through our shop or via the phone but don’t have (or don’t use) any account.

When you communicate with us through social media.

When you download or access help, advice and/or inspirational digital material(s) from our website (for example eBooks)

When you become a member of our loyalty program (such as Tiles For Ever Trade).

When you sign up, you will be granted access to your “My Account” area on This will show the entire collected and stored order history, invoices and receipts for you when you buy something from Tiles For Ever.

When you establish contact with us via any medium with queries, complaints, questions, suggestions etc.

When you participate in prize draws or competitions.

When you try to book any kind of appointment with us, for example a personalised project consultation in our shop.

When you opt to participate in any surveys we send you.

When you comment on or review any of our products and/or services on our website or any other third-party website.

When you fill in and submit any forms to us. For example, if any accident happens in the shop, our representatives may collect your personal data.

When you give any third party the consent to share with us the information they store about you.

We may also collect information from publicly-available sources when you have already provided your consent to share any such data or where the data is made public as a matter of the law.

When you make use of our parking spaces and shops which normally have CCTV surveillance systems operated for the security of both the customers and the employees. These cameras may record your picture during your visit.

Which type of personal data is collected?

When you have an account on our website: your first and last name, billing/shipping address, orders and invoices, email address and telephone number. For your account’s security, we’ll also keep a one way hashed record of your login password.

Details of your communications with us via contact centre, in shop or through online mode. For example, we store some notes made by us based on our conversations with you, details about any complaints or comments you make, information about purchases you have done, products viewed or added to your cart and/or wishlist choices, discount codes redemptions, web pages you visit and when you contact us.

Information about your visits to our website, and the referring URLs.

Data collected by the use of cookies stored in your web browser by our website. Learn more about our Cookie Policy here.

Personal information about your likes and dislikes which guide us to suggest products you may be interest in. For example, you might tell us your room colour preference which we can use to suggest our products. Or you might provide details about your favourite interior trends which let us to suggest appropriate products to you. Only after your consent, we’ll ask for your personal information so as to make recommendations about our products and to tailor your buying experience with us.

To cater the best experience on our website, we also collect technical data about your internet connection, browser, and devices as well as your geolocation, the web pages opened by you, the advertisements you clicked on, and any search terms you searched for.

How do we use your personal data?

We thrive to serve you the best possible experience when shopping at Tiles For Ever. To do that we combine the data we have about you to understand your needs.

We then utilise these information about you to provide you personalised offers, products and services that are of your interests.

The data privacy laws allow this as part of our legitimate interests in know our customer’s needs and serve the best levels of service.

If you decide not to provide us your personal information, or reject certain contact permissions, we might be unable to serve some services you’ve wanted. For example, if you want us to notify you when an item comes back in stock, we will be unable do that if you’ve withdrawn your general permission to get emails from us. Here’s how we’ll use your personal data:

To process any orders that you make by using our website, over the phone or in store. If we don’t get your personal information during the checkout process, we’ll be unable to process your order and comply with our legal obligations. For example, some your information is needed to be passed to a third party courier service provider to deliver the products that you purchased, and we may keep your data for a reasonable period of time afterwards in order to fulfil any contractual obligations such as exchanges, refunds and/or guarantees. To respond to your suggestions, queries, feedbacks, refund requests and/or complaints. Storing the data you sent us allows us to respond to you. We do this because of our contractual commitment to you, our legal commitments and our also legitimate interests in serving you with the best service possible and figuring out how we can improve your shopping experience with us.

For safeguarding our business and also your account from fraudulent activities and other illegal activities. This includes making use of your personal information to maintain, update and secure your online account. We’ll also monitor and analyse your browsing activities on our website for quickly identifying and resolving any possible problems and securing the integrity of our website. We’ll do all such activities as a part of our legitimate business interests. Only after your permission, we’ll make use of your personal information, preferences, choices, and details of your transactions done on our website, to keep you aware via email, website, SMS, telephone and/or through our contact centres about our related products and services including any tailored special offers for you, promotions, discounts, events, competitions etc.

To send you related, personalised communications by email about updates, offers, services and products. We will be doing such activities for the sake of our legitimate interests. You are free to opt out of hearing from us by email at any time you wish.

For sending you communications required by law or which are compulsory to aware you about our changes to the services we offer you. For example, updates to this Privacy Policy and legally important data relating to your orders. Such service messages will not contain any promotional content and do not require prior permission when sent by email or SMS message. We use such personal information of yours only to comply with our legal obligations.

To show the most interesting content to you on our website, we will make use of data we have about your tile choices or products. We do so on by storing some cookies on your device or by utilising similar techniques. To manage any of our competitions which you participate in, based on your permission given at the time of participating.

To evolve, test and develop the systems, services and products we serve to you. We will do this because of our legitimate business interests.
To comply with our legal commitments to share data with law enforcement agencies.

How we protect your personal data

All the pages of the website and payment area are ‘https’ secured by SSL certificate.

Access to your personal information on our website is password protected, and sensitive data such as payment card information are secured and handled by our authorised secure web payment gateway PayPal.

We also do employ various kinds of security tests on our systems and improvise them accordingly to make our platform safe and worry-free for you.

For how long will you keep my personal data?

We keep your personal data as long as it is required to fulfil our contractual, legal obligations and business interests only.


When you successfully create an order, we will retain the personal data you gave us for up to 7 years so that we can comply with our contractual and legal obligations.

Refunds or Exchanges

In case of a refund, exchange for your order, the associated personal information will be retained till the end of the relevant time period.

Who do you share my personal information with?

We sometimes share your personal information with our trusted third parties companies and agencies like courier service providers, fraud management and solvers, etc. We keep you data safe with us and them, by applying strict rules and terms for handling, storing and using your data.

We only give the data they strictly need to execute their specific services.

They will use your personal information only for the exact purposes we specify in our contract with such companies.

We make sure that your privacy is respected and personal data is protected at all times with such companies.

You can request us to share the details about whom we have and we may share your data with by contacting us and proving your identity.

What are my rights over my personal data stored by you?

A summary of your different rights.

You have the right to request:

Request for the access to your personal data we hold, free of cost in most cases.

Make correction in your personal data if it’s incorrect, out of date or incomplete.

Request us to stop using your personal information for direct marketing (through any channels).

Request us to stop any permission-based processing of your personal information after you withdraw your consent.

Right to withdraw your consent from holding or processing of your personal data.

In some situations where we are processing your personal information on the basis of our legitimate business interests, you can request us to stop for reasons based on your individual situation. We will then do so unless we have a legitimate overriding reason to continue processing your personal information.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding your privacy or personal data that haven’t been covered here, please contact us and we will be glad to help you: