Currently, globally, we are dealing with massive disruptions to freight, shipment and transportation. There are a wide variety of reasons why we are experiencing these delays. From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to the shortage of drivers. COVID_19 Pandemic In March 2021, the Megaship called the Ever Given, blocked the Suez

Which Tiles are Best for Floors?

Porcelain as a material is very durable and dense. This makes it a long lasting material for any usage.  But for specifically the floor, porcelain is a very good choice. When choosing porcelain there is a wide range to choose from. Thanks to technology advances, there are many different types

What is a Lappato Tile?

What Makes a Tile Lappato? In Italian, Lappato means semi-polished, and it is a finish that is put on tiles, near the end of the production process. This technique, applied to porcelain tiles, results in a very unique design and texture. Usually, the Lappato Tile has two layers, one is

Bathroom Trends of 2021/2022

Bathrooms Bathrooms have changed their function throughout their history, but recently they have shifted once more into spaces for pure relaxation and serenity.  Bathrooms are less about the function and more about the ambiance. This is translated in the interior of the space. Nature The biggest trends we are seeing

What Grout Should I Use?

What is Grout? Grout is generally a mixture of cement, sand and water. Water is added to the powder to create a dense fluid which is used to bond and seal joints between tiles. It is used to attach the tile to the surface, and then to seal the spaces

Why Choose Porcelain Tiles?

History The first porcelain tiles were produced in China in the 15th century and then brought over to Europe later on. Porcelain tiles have been used widely in humid areas of the world for many many years e.g. India, South East Asia and the Middle East. Ceramic tiles absorb too

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