Our Story

Finding the best tiles for our dream space has never been an easy and economical task, to get rid of this hassle; our founder launched Tile For Ever to provide hassle-free shopping experience from finding the best tiles to getting it to your home. It all started with tremendous experiments and lots of time to bring you a platform which can make your dreams of a perfect living space come true.

In an ever-expanding universe of tiles seller aiming for their profits, we aim to help you realise your dreams for your long-dreamt living space through extraordinary and state of the art ceramic and porcelain tiles for your home and office needs. Tiles For Ever is a platform to buy all your tiling needs in a unique way which is faster, more affordable and of high quality. As strong and durable as our commitment for customer satisfaction we bring you tiles as beautiful as your aspirations.

We thrive on the customer satisfaction and so have built this platform to make your experience pleasant. We make your shopping ultra fast and needs fulfilled within your budget. With a wide array of contemporary, classic and futuristic tiles for floors and walls, we have something for every taste.

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Our Mission

Don’t live under just some stacks of bricks and mortar, breathe life into your living space and make them look special and beautiful. We bring you an exquisite range of indoor and outdoor tiles that can catch anyone’s attention. Our mission is not to make profits but to create beautiful spaces. Give us a chance and we’ll redefine professionalism, promptness, quality and beauty a product and service can have.