Cookie Policy

Tiles For Ever uses various cookies on its website to enhance and develop the user interface and user experience of the users and customers. Cookies are small text files stored on the visitor’s device; these files contain some vital information required by the websites to carry out some tasks. Cookies make the interaction between the website visitor and the website a lot faster and easier. Detailed information about the types of cookies and their purpose is available below.

To shop through Tiles For Ever, you are required to enable cookies. If you do not want to enable the cookies, you can still browse through the website and explore it. Most browsers do have cookies enabled by default.

Please note that cookies do not pose any threat to your device. We do not store personally identifiable information like payment card details so they tell us who you are. By using our website you are accepting that we use cookies to provide an enhanced online experience. For example, we might show you a list of products you’ve recently looked at, or offer you suggestions based on your buying history and any other data you’ve shared with us.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies unless you have altered its settings, in such cases your browser will refuse cookies. Cookies are automatically set in your browser when you browse through our website; make any purchase and all of your other activities on our website. By using and browsing this website you automatically give us the permission to use cookies in accordance with the cookie policy.

Blocking or disabling cookies will impact the website performance in a negative way and will also prevent you from accessing certain services of the website. It’ll also impact our ability to improve the user experience for you and remember your user preferences.

We also do use some third party suppliers who set cookies and use them for marketing purposes only and show you different products and services based upon your likes.

Cookie Introduction

In order to make full use of and online shopping with personalised features, your device must accept cookies to be stored and used. Our cookies don’t contain personal and sensitive information about you.

Third Party Cookies also uses some third party cookies which aren’t related to us. When you visit some pages which might contain embedded content like YouTube videos, some cookies will be sent and stored by YouTube in your device, on which we have no control.

There are cookies set by some third party analytics applications used by us to analyse and improve the user experience of the visitors and are in no way intrusive or harmful.

Please note that we’re not responsible for the content of external websites.

Managing Cookies

If cookies are disabled on your device’s browser, it’ll limit your experience on our website for example you won’t be able to add items in your cart and buy them.
Cookies can be enabled/disabled from your browser’s settings at any time you want. You can’t selectively allow some cookies and reject others from the same website. Most browsers have cookies enabled by default, so you don’t need to alter your browser’s settings to access our website.

How to check if cookies are enabled on Apple iOS’s Safari browser?

  1. Tap on the ‘Settings’ application from your home screen.
  2. Find and open the ‘Safari’ menu item.
  3. Under the ‘Privacy & Security’ section tap on ‘Block cookies’ option.
  4. Choose any option other than ‘Always block’.

How to check if cookies are enabled on Android’s Chrome browser?

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ application from your home screen or from under the ‘Apps’.
  2. Under the ‘Device’ section tap on the ‘Applications’ option.
  3. Find and tap the ‘Internet’ option.
  4. Find and tap the ‘Privacy’ option. Enable ‘Accept cookies’.
  5. For details on all other browsers please visit the ‘Help’ menu.

Cookie List

Below is the list of all the major types of cookies used by us on this website:

  1. Strictly Necessary / Technical Cookies: These are related to signing in and remembering shopping cart contents, they are extremely essential for services and features throughout the site.
  2. Performance Cookies: These are related to website optimization and testing; they provide us with anonymous information about how the site is being used.
  3. Statistical Cookies: These are related to Google Analytics, they again enable us to anonymously track site usage are of intrusive nature and do not track your personal information.
  4. Ad Serving Targeting Cookies: They are trusted third party affiliates or agencies; these helps improve the user experience by providing more relevant search, display and video ads to you based on your likes.