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What is a Lappato Tile?

What Makes a Tile Lappato?

In Italian, Lappato means semi-polished, and it is a finish that is put on tiles, near the end of the production process. This technique, applied to porcelain tiles, results in a very unique design and texture. Usually, the Lappato Tile has two layers, one is matt, and another is glossy. Because of this the Lappato Tiles aren’t as slippy as a gloss tile would be, but it will still reflect light around the room.

A lot of consumers look for the high gloss finish you get with a lot of tiles. It is a great finish, as it brings light and colour to the space. But they are put off by the practicality of having a high gloss tile on the floor. So Lappato is the perfect option. It gives the consumer that gloss look they are looking for, but also brings practicality, as the matt textured finish supplies grip. Further, they require no sealing, which means the tile needs very little maintenance.

Lappato from us:

The tiles we stock that have a Lappato finish are: our milan range. We have them in 600×600 and they are either white, grey or black. For us these tiles are great people pleasers. They are very versatile and have great applications. For us the lappato is perfect for a bathroom floor, or as a wall feature. It’s unique finish allows it to be a lot less slippery as a gloss finish porcelain tile would be. Furthermore, it’s texture and slight shine makes it an eye-catching wall feature, which will add to any industrial, natural theme.

For More Infomation:

For more information on Lappato Tiles feel free to call us (0113 390 8800), email at or come into our showroom and see the tiles for yourself.

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