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Bathroom Trends of 2021/2022


Bathrooms have changed their function throughout their history, but recently they have shifted once more into spaces for pure relaxation and serenity.  Bathrooms are less about the function and more about the ambiance. This is translated in the interior of the space.


The biggest trends we are seeing is a move to nature. As mentioned before, bathrooms are meant for relaxation and what better way to do this than being back to nature. this is released not just by putting plant in your bathroom, but by really bringing the outside, inside. This is achieved by colours, texture and materials. Materials like, wood and stone paired with neutral tones can  transform a space into a place of mindfulness. When al these tools are applied it can turn a space into a true place of serenity and calm; a spa.

Bold Features

What better way to show your personality than strong statements in the home. Tiles are following this trend closely and we are seeing more mosaics and linear tiles with quirky textures and colours coming onto the market. When it comes to bathroom accessories; if you have gone bold and out there with the tile option, we are seeing a lot more matt black and stainless steel of glass simple faucet designs. It seems, if you want to show your personality in your bathroom, then the tile option is the route. And porcelain tiles especially have such a wide variety of choice waiting for you.


Terracotta is coming back in a big way! with that comes Mediterranean colour palettes as well. Ranging from the light shades of apricot and clay all the way to the deep burnt oranges, we are seeing  massive rise in these tones being used in bathrooms. If you don’t want to dive head first into this trend, it’s easy to bring it slowly into the space, by adding accents of terracotta. Start with a bathmat or towels, or even change the colour of your grout.

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